Why Choose Alternative Payment Options – Online Casinos Tips

A lot of people would prefer to use their credit cards whenever they deposit money into their accounts in online casinos. It’s the most convenient way to make a deposit, after all, even though it’s not exactly the most practical. If you’re still using your credit card for your deposits, you might want to rethink your decision. After all, more and more people are beginning to use alternative payment options, and for good reason.


Casino Bonuses

Have you ever seen an ad on your online casino saying that they would give bonuses to anyone using NETeller or MoneyBookers or a similar service? If so, haven’t you ever become curious as to why they do that? It seems awfully generous – too generous, in fact, that it’s difficult to believe that the online casinos aren’t getting anything out of this. Well, the thing is, they are. Their motive behind offering bonuses is really simple: whenever people use credit cards, it falls upon the casino operators to verify the authenticity of the card and to check this against the identity of the person who is using it. The documents provided by the customers, such as the photocopy of the credit card itself, for example, need to be checked against the actual credit card details. This takes quite a bit of paperwork and quite a bit of money. If the player decides to use alternative payment methods, however, the casino is spared from all this effort.


More Convenient

Credit cards provide people with a way to deposit money, but not to withdraw it. Casinos cannot remit the withdrawals to the credit cards of their customers, so the players still have to look for a way for them to withdraw their earnings, so they usually turn to third parties such as Paypal and Moneybookers. These services are also capable of depositing money into casinos, so why not just use them for both depositing and withdrawing?


Added Security

Using alternative payment methods is also generally more secure than using your credit card, especially if you play at several different online casinos. It’s generally a bad practice to provide your credit card details to several different establishments because you’d be increasing the risk of getting your account hacked. On the other hand, if you only use one payment service, then you can rest easier because there’s only one account that you really need to keep track of in terms of safety.

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